Light stacking frame with high load-bearing capacity

Uusi lavakaulus Utz:lta

• Suitable for the most common plastic and wooden pallets in Euro format 1200 x 800 mm.
• The hygienic alternative to the wooden stacking frame as no impurities caused by splinters and therefore no risk of injury.
• High load-bearing capacity of the frame despite its low weight of only 5.8 kg.
• The frame can be folded and is therefore easy to store.
• Space saving for empty transport: three folded frames lying or four folded frames standing fi t into one opened frame.
• Optimum support on the pallet due to strong corner brackets.
• Secure frame-on-frame stacking.
• For increased safety, the frames can be connected with cable ties.
• Optional mounting of label holders or plate for adhesive labels, printings or with studded surfaces.
• Optional fortifi cation of lateral side walls with metal reinforcement.

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Light stacking frame with high load-bearing capacity