Custom big bags

We also supply bags according to customer’s specifications. The construction of the bag and dimensions are entirely customizable. We can provide a bag exactly according to your need. Alternatively, if you already have a working bag design, we can supply you exactly the same or develop in to even better if necessary. We always send a sample for approval before production. All our bags are certified by an outside laboratory. For customized bags, the minimum order quantity is only 100 pcs and delivery time even only 2 weeks in urgent cases. All bags are possible to produce in food grade.

• Material: Manufactured from coated (laminated) or uncoated PP fabric, which can be flat woven or circular woven. The material weight can be made according to the needed capacity (SWL / 5:1) and purpose of use.
• Liner: Our big bags are available with and without a liner. The liner can be attached to outer bag by sewing or gluing and pre-blown if necessary. We have a large variety of shapes for the liners such as bottle neck, suspended and pillow.
• SWL / capacity: 200 kg – 2000 kg
• SF: 5:1, 6:1 and UN -approved
• Printing: 1-4 sides, 1-4 colors
• Document pocket: placement, size and type customizable.
• Loops: Length, width and thickness customizable. In 4 loop models, cross corner or corner loops.
• Stitching: sewing of the seams can be also customized to f.ex. increase strength or made dust proof.
• Multiple option for the top and bottom construction of the bag.

1- and 2 -loop big bags
1- and 2 -loop bags can be manufactured from coated or uncoated flat or circular woven fabric. They are easy to handle even by one person and in most cases are a less expensive solution compared to 4 loop bags especially with star closure as the bottom and loops are made from the same piece of fabric as the bag itself. The bags can be with an attached or loose liner to handle moisture.



filling spout (sewn to loops)filling spout (with base)



tasapohjapoistoputkiconicaltahtipohjapoistoputki-suojapoistoputki, läppä

flat bottom

discharge spoutconical bottom with discharge spoutstar closuredischarge spout with protection

discharge spout with cover

4 -loop big bags
4 loop bags can be manufactured from coated or uncoated flat or circular woven fabric. To handle moisture, the can have a liner that is attached or loose. The seams of the bag can be made dust proof and we can also include inner baffles for the bag to hold its shape better.

Custom big bagstäyttöputkikaulustäyttöputki ja läppä


filling spoutskirt

cover and filling spout


tasapohjapoistoputkiconicalpoistokauluspoistoputki-suojapoistoputki, läppä

flat bottom

discharge spoutconical bottom with discharge spoutskirtdischarge spout with protection

discharge spout with cover


 Q_bag pyöreäkudos zig-zag d-lenkitfarmi
With inner baffles, the big bags hold its shape and does not become rounded when filled. Therefore, the bags take less space in transportation and saves transport costs compared to regular big bags.
Circular fabric
Especially, in bags made from circular woven fabric, the loops can be made cross corner.
For heavy loads
The extensions of the lifting loops can go through the bottom of the bag for high capacity.
D -loops going from corner to corner make the bags easier to handle.
Big bags can be made from breathable ventilated fabric.

In addition to these solutions, we can supply from example antistatic-, ESD- and filtration big bags. Ask for more!


StandardTubeBottle neckSuspended